Lack of wind on the leg to Singapore has meant that Leg 4a of the Clipper race has been cut short

The Hong Kong to Singapore leg having started in strong winds found itself in a situation where they were trying to race in zero winds. As any amateur mathematician will tell you this will take rather a long time. Given the timing constraints of such a race, the decision was taken by the Race committee to finish the race. As per the race instructions the finish positions are the order in which the fleet came through the previous gate. The fleet is now motoring into Singapore and will be arriving tomorrow.

The current finishing positions, subject to protests from two of the yachts, are as follows:

  1. Ariel
  2. Antiope
  3. Mermerus
  4. Chrysolite
  5. Thermoplyae
  6. Serica
  7. Taeping