Tony Bullimore forced to postpone Blue Ocean solo round the world challenge 10/4/07

Tony Bullimore who was preparing to commence his solo world record attempt at the weekend was forced to postpone once again.

Bullimore has been on standby in Hobart for four months awaiting a decent weather window for the start of his Blue Ocean solo round the world challenge attempt and this weekend forecast looked promising. However, during the middle of last week the wind shifted from the north round to the west which is, apparently, an unfavourable direction for negotiating the islands off New Zealand.

Lee Bruce, Team Bullimore’s weather guru reported: “Heading south in that west wind – to try to leave the islands to port – would only take Tony to higher wind and wave range (40-50kt, with 6-7m waves), so it looks like we have lost the favorable start pattern.”

Bruce says that there is another favorable pattern showing up on the 15 April so they could be looking at a start then.

Further delays means the chances of Bullimore setting off this season are looking less and less likely, although according to Barry Pickthall from Bullimore’s press office, Bullimore is determined to leave at some point this season. Pickthall added: “The latest weather forecast shows a good weather situation in the next week or so, so expect to see some action between 18-23 April.”