David and Alex Beaney have won the Enterprise Thames Valley Bowl Series which concluded last weekend

David and Alex Beaney were confirmed as winners of the Enterprise Thames Valley Bowl 2004 at the final open meeting of the series at Papercourt Sailing Club on 12 October, although Alan Beaney crewed by Jessica Holley won the open meeting itself.

This result means that the Beaney Brothers have won all eight open meetings in the series between them. David was first at Wraysbury Lake, London Corinthian, Ariel, Henley, Burghfield, and Hampton. While Alan won at Frensham Pond, Minima, and Papercourt. Steve and Kathy Collins spent the season following the Beaney Brothers around and came third overall.

The first vintage helmsman was Glen Cole and the first vintage boat (sail number under 20000) was Bulgarian star Val Nedyalkov.

Overall Results

1st E20234 David and Alex Beaney, Broadwater SC

2nd E23048 Alan Beaney and Jessica Holley, London Corinthian SC

3rd E22628 Steve and Kathy Collins, Minima YC

4th E22330 Alan and Barbara Dance, Frensham Pond SC

5th E20378 Glen Cole and various crews, Island Barn Reservoir SC

6th E19595 Val Nedyalkov and Harriet, London Corinthian SC

7th E22629 Neil Parsloe and Siobham Ladyman, Broadwater SC 8th E17024 Chris Bassett and Laura Eglan, London Corinthian SC