Dom Mee and his Atlantic Quest team hampered by headwinds 25/1/07

The British Atlantic Quest team comprising Dom Mee, Ed James, Tom Rendell and Pete Bird who are attempting to beat the world Atlantic rowing record have had a setback.

The team who set off from La Palma unsupported on Sunday 14 January were, until two days ago, progressing well in the superb downwind conditions but they have now hit headwinds which are hampering their progress.

Mee, who contacted the shore team earlier today, confirmed that they had no option but to deploy the sea anchor last night. Apparently rowing into a headwind of more than 10 knots is futile, even at full speed the boat will go backwards against the force of the wind.

From a position of 24 33.64’N/30 04.76’W early this morning Mee explained the situation: “Unfortunately, as suspected, we have experienced headwinds for the first time since the start of the expedition. We have been forced to put out the sea anchor. The team are taking a well earned rest after over a week of rowing but obviously the current situation is not ideal. The lads remain focused and moral onboard is good. We are looking forward to getting back on the oars and catching up on the miles we are losing, we may be the only rowing boat out here but we are racing against the clock.”

And the weather situation? “The forecast for the next few days looks good and we should be able to make up the lost time, the whole team has done a cracking job so far and we are determined to get to Barbados and break that world record.”

The record to beat – east to west – set in 1992 by La Mondial (French 10-man team) is 35 days and 8 hours.