High winds have caused the postponement of Skandia Ocean Row Team's Atlantic challenge departure

The Skandia Ocean Row Team’s departure from St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, to attempt their record-breaking row across the Atlantic in 35 days has been postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

The strong south-westerly winds today (2 June) followed by gales and heavy seas forecast tomorrow (3 June) have made it impossible for the crew to begin their record attempt. They now look set to begin the row on 6 June. The weather conditions are forecast to be more favourable for this day, with a lighter, west-north-west wind.

The current world record has stood for over 100 years, set by the two-man team of Harbo and Samuelson in 1896, in an 18ft wood whaler boat called the Richard K Fox. It took them 55 days to arrive in the Isles of Scilly. Their record was tied only by solo rower Tom McClean, who matched their time 90 years later in a boat called Skoll 1080.