BMW Oracle issue Alinghi another letter reminding the cup defenders of their options

America’s Cup defender, Alinghi, has until 8 August to disclose the sailing venue for the 33rd America’s Cup, with the racing to begin on 8 February 2010. It is more than likely that the Swiss will keep their Challenger of Record, BMW Oracle Racing, guessing for as long as possible, but this has not stopped the Americans last week issuing a letter to the Swiss team’s club to remind them of their options:

“Let us again reiterate, the Deed and the Order and Judgment are clear that you may not select a Northern Hemisphere venue, other than Valencia, without our mutual consent. Justice Kornreich’s May 14th order contains nothing that even suggests, let alone ‘stated’, otherwise. To the contrary, Justice Kornreich ordered ‘SNG (Société Nautique Genève) to hold the race as per the order of the Court of Appeals and Justice Cahn in February as the order required.’

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