After two and a half years, Russell Coutts’ patience has run out. The team CEO speaks out about the current America’s Cup dispute

Confused as to who might be the better team come the day? Confused as to why there is such animosity around what is essentially simply a yacht race?

BMW Oracle’s CEO Russell Coutts freely admits to having enough of the squabbling and political posturing. “I’ve restrained myself for two and a half years and I’m not going to put up with this rubbish any longer. It’s time to speak out.”

With less than three weeks before the 33rd America’s Cup kicks off, listen to Russell Coutts’ view of the current situation. ‘Ernesto Bertarelli is allergic to fair competition”

We pick up the conversation as Coutts considers the accusation from Alinghi that his team is ‘always complaining about the rules’.

It’s compelling listening.

But if you’d rather look at the technology. Today we take a tour with Coutts around the team’s spectacular wing. Tomorrow we’ll have a stroll around Alinghi’s monster catamaran.

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