A yacht abandoned last year when the skipper went mad has fetched up 1,200 miles away

Compromise, the Nicholson 32 abandoned on the ARC last year when her Canadian skipper Jos Brosnan became manic and delusional, has washed up and foundered in the Azores.

Brosnan’s crew asked to be rescued in December last year after he stopped taking medication for bi-polar disorder and became irrational and threatening. All three were taken on to the superyacht Mirabella. They did not, however, scuttle the yacht; they furled the sails, left a note on the chart table saying that the souls on board had been rescued, put the washboards in and left.

Nearly a year later Compromise has fetched up about 1,200 miles north of her last know position. Seemingly she foundered on the western end of Faial in the Azores before drifting round and being salvaged 1 mile off the harbour of Horta.

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