Queen Mary Sailing Club was the venue for this weekend's skiff open meeting

A blustery two days sailing was had by the 9er fleet and Musto Skiffs for their first open meeting of the year at Queen Mary Sailing Club this weekend.

The Musto skiffs and 49er provided the entertainment in the extremely challenging and tough conditions much to the delight of the spectators and those who did not venture out. In the Musto Skiff it was Richard Stenhouse once again showing that practice counts. In the 49er Andy Rice and Nick Murphy completed more races than anyone else and included an impressive display of water skiing whilst bearing away.

It was the 29ers that provided the racing entertainment, while the other fleets were struggling in the very strong and gusty conditions, this fleet was racing. All six races were held with all but a few completing all the races. David Evans and Rick Peacock dominated the fleet with some very impressive sailing.



1st David Evans and Rick Peacock

2nd Dave Freemantle and Ben Redwood

3rd Bernard and Andrew Gammon


1st Andy Rice and Nick Murphy

2nd David Edwards and Chas Mackey

3rd Paul Towers and Ben Remocker


1st Dave Hall and Paul Constable / Roger Evans

2nd Rob Dulson and Christine Iredale / Mark Sempers

3rd Matt Rainbow and Steve Hopper

Musto Skiff

1st Richard Stenhouse

2nd Kit Stenhouse

3rd David Poston