The skiff, is still the one to beat, the boat with THE most spectacular racing

With all eyes on the skiff classes now that the 49er has made it into the 2000 Olympics, the granddaddy of them all, the 18ft skiff, is still the one to beat, the boat with THE most spectacular racing and the boats that regularly produces simply the best televised sailing – bar none.

For 1998, the British 18ft Skiff Grand Prix is being augmented by the International Regatta – thanks to the ISF restrictions, it is not a World Championships as the Skiffs do not yet have international class status – being held in the picturesque west country port of Fowey. The British fleet will be joined by a contingent of Australian boats and those racing on the European circuit in Denmark, Switzerland, France and Italy.

In 1998 too, Bausch & Lomb, leaders in the field of disposable contact lense design and manufacture, join the regatta circuit as title sponsor, extending the involvement with sports eyecare that hit public prominence during the last Olympiad. Bausch & Lomb offer their unique testing system for sportsman and women, designed to assess the vision performance of individuals and to suggest solutions that will boost performance.Sailing, and skiff racing in particular, is one of the toughest sports in which to be involved, as it involves participants are affected by immense amounts of ultra-violet light, both direct and reflected, plus the constant dousing of high speed spray and the abrasive qualities of salt water.

Bausch & Lomb see their role in the Bausch & Lomb 18ft Skiff UK Grand Prix and International Regatta as educational as well as supportive, learning from the sailors in extreme conditions as well as supporting one of the most exciting cutting edge sports in the world.

Four events comprise the British Grand Prix, starting with Round one at Southend-on-Sea in June. From Southend the fleet moves to Fowey for the International Regatta, then to Sunderland and finally to the tight – and very sheltered – waters off the Southampton Boat Show in September, where the crews can enjoy some very close racing – even if they sometimes find it all a little frustrating in the deflected winds coming from the vast Boat Show complex .

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