Mark Upton-Brown and Ian Mitchell were the overall winners of this weekend's Hayling Hull International 14 event at Haying Island SC

The final day of the International 14’s Hayling Hull open Meeting at Hayling Island SC yesterday saw victory for Mark Upton-Brown and Ian Mitchell of the host club. Second place went to Adrian Murphy and Charles Stanley, also of HISC, with Roddy Bridge and Doug Patterson from Itchenor SC in third, Roger Ewart-Smith and Bruce Grant took fourth and Andrew Penman and Tim Bastoli fifth.

The stronger winds on the final day proved the downfall of overnight leader Paul Vine and Adam May who were sidelined with gear failure and it was left to Murphy and Bridge to battle the ever steady Upton-Brown, with Ewart-Smith finding that his final charge could not overcome his first day omission.

Although they won this meeting without the benefit of the much lauded foil rudder technology that has swept the class recently, Mark has a new foil rudder on order and expects the class to be fully “foiled” by the time of the class championship, the POW, in July.

Presenting the prizes, Commodore Tim Hancock extended a welcome to all the competitors next year when HISC would be hosting the POW and European championships.

Overall Results

1st 1455, Mark Upton-Brown and Ian Mitchell HISC 13pts

2nd 1464, Adrian Murphy and Charles Stanley HISC 13pts

3rd 1426, Roddy Bridge and Douglas Patterson Itchenor 20pts

4th 1447, Roger Ewart and Smith Bruce Grant Itchenor 22pts

5th 1446, Andrew Penman and Tim Bastoli Itchenor 32pts

6th 1430, Matthew Larkin and Geoff Larkin WWSC 51pts