Oyster's move into the superyacht league is marked by the completion of the first 100ft hull

This is the first Dubois-designed Oyster 100 emerging from her build hall at RMK near Istanbul in Turkey. The resin infused hull is due to be fitted out shortly and should be launched next summer in time for her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

The hull shell, which was post-cured in a purpose-built 40m long oven at RMK, weighs 20 tonnes and Oyster claim that it is 25 per cent lighter than the equivalent structure made in aluminium. The build method has been the subject of intense testing by Oyster and the team at RMK and they and Lloyd’s are now satisfied they have the best system in place.

Oyster tell us that Oyster 100-02 is sold subject to contract, that moulding has already begun and that she will be in the water in early 2011.

Meanwhile, the first Oyster 125 which has been sold to Oyster founder Richard Matthews, will start moulding at the end of January 2010 and will be launched in the summer of 2011 making her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show that September.

The moulding slot for hull number four will become available in July 2010 and, say Oyster, “is now subject to a gentlemanly contract race” with a summer 2011 delivery for the third 100 or a spring 2012 delivery for the second 125.

Oyster reckon they can finish a 100 in 18 months and a 125 in 25. The aim is to mould a hull and a deck every three or four months – the new yard at RMK is big enough to cope with that and have four yachts in fit out at the same time.