I’m gearing up for two weeks lounging on Weymouth beach, watching the olympic sailing with a pair of binoculars. What can I spot for you?

As the Team GBR sailors gear up for the Olympics and check and double-check each minute detail, I’m making my own preparations.

Beach towel? Check.

Binoculars? Check.

Sunglasses and suncream? Check?

Beer money. Ditto.

Oh yeah, and laptop. That’s right.

Because from this Sunday I believe I am the world’s only fully paid up Olympic beach correspondent.

It’s a tough job, etc, etc, but someone’s got to do it.

I will be reporting from Weymouth for the duration, as they used to say in wartime. Not from the Portland and Weymouth epicentre of Olympic sailing operations, mind. We only have one reporter’s accreditation for the official lock-down and Matt Sheahan has our keys.

I will be based at an alternative, fringe event centre in the town. My role is to find out what racing you can see, from where, what’s fun to do with the family if you’re coming down to see the Olympic sailing and beachcomb for any random exclusives.

Is it worth visiting if you don’t have a ticket? What what will you see if you do and what else is worth doing?

Quite how I’ve landed this plum job, I don’t know. I suppose my boss looked at Matt and me and reckoned Matt was one best suited to dinghy racing commentary while I would be an unbeatable candidate for donkey rides and pub lunches.

My only specific assignment to date is to walk to the Smuggler’s Inn at Osmington to discover if you can see the racing from there and if you can simultaneously get it on BBC iPlayer on wifi. Rest assured I will be giving it my all.

Besides this, over the next couple of weeks I can guarantee you some really big scoops. Vanilla, strawberry, rum raisin…

So if you are thinking about coming to see some Olympic sailing action in Weymouth, let me know what I can find out for you. I’ll be trying my best to bring some useful on-the-ground tips.

Email yachting_world@ipcmedia.com if there’s something you’d like the beach correspondent to find out. And keep up to date with the so-hot-they’re-melting scoops on twitter @elainebunting