How does the decisive phase of the series work?

New to the Games in 2008, the medal race was designed to create a climax to each of the classes’ series mainly for television and avoid crews sitting out the final day. Here are the essential points.

The race is for the top 10 boats only and based on the points accumulated during the series.

There is just one race, but it counts for double points.

The course area for all races is off the Nothe where the spectators are.

The course is a windward leeward course, but much shorter and close to the shore.

Usually the race consists of two laps, but this depends on the wind conditions

Expected time for each race is 30 minutes

Even though the race counts for double points, some competitors go into the final race with sufficient points advantage and secure their medal by match racing another competitor. This often makes for confusion as the gold medal winner comes in at the back of the fleet.

Match racing is often a feature of this final short burst race.

The RSX Windsurfing race often involves a slalom race to the finish.