With every inch of deck at a premium Loop Boa Base have come up with a great way to tidy up even a cluttered deck and maximise available space. 

The Loop Boa Base is an extremely neat idea for adding extra clutches in places where there would otherwise be no convenient deck space.

It allows them to be stacked vertically by adding housings compatible with Cousin Trestec Constrictor textile clutches underneath standard units.

Cousin Trestec Constrictor 10 review

Working on the same principle as the Chinese finger trap, the Cousin Trestec Constrictor 10 is a simple yet effective…


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In this set up the Loop Boa Base would effectively become the base for the original clutch housing.

The Loop Boa Base uses a textile rope clutch design. This has proven very popular in many racing teams recently.

A textile rope clutch uses a hollow, braided textile sock which allows the rope to run freely in one direction, but when running in the opposite direction, can immediately hold it in place – think Chinese finger trap, and you’re not far off how it works.

The cousin constrictor can reduce wear and tear on the line. But they may not be suitable for every job onboard, thus combining this technology with the traditional jawed clutch allow the user to get the benefits of both clutch types.

As another advantage, this system potentially doubles the number of clutches that can be fitted in a given space without having to drill new holes.

The Boa Base uses the same fixings as Spinlock’s double, triple and quadruple format XAS and XTS/XCS series clutches, which simplifies installation.

Price: From €124.

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