Meet the ultimate form of marine transport to beat all weather conditions: a personal hovercraft

The UK has a nasty habit of grinding to a halt with the onset of adverse weather. Airports, railways and motorways seem to close at the first sign of snow. And with much of the country still underwater after the recent deluge, perhaps its time to look to alternative means of transport.
I saw just the very thing last week at the London Boatshow – a one-man hovercraft. This Junior Hovercraft is just 2m long and floats six inches off the ground at up to 20mph. It targets a driver weight of approximately 35kg so suits 12-13 year olds (with a spare £9,600 of pocket money to spend).

But there’s no need for the kids to have all the fun. It turns out there’s a daddy model too, the ‘Spycatcher Extreme’. A 50BHP four-stroke engine produces speeds of up to 45mph over land, water, sand, ice or snow! Now that sounds like it could spice up anyone’s commute.
Stop on water and the Extreme will just float like a boat. It even has navigation lights and davit points for lifting onto a (big) yacht.

 It’s only £22k ex VAT – that’s quite an economic midlife crisis if you ask me!

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