The Tiwal 3.2 inflatable dinghy certainly looks like it might offer the most fun for the new year


The Tiwal 3.2, exhibited by Cornish Crabbers at last week’s London Boatshow, looks like a top choice for a fun toy this year. The French design is the first proper inflatable sailing dinghy I have come across – it stows into two compact bags and can be launched (from the boot of a car or the transom of a yacht), assembled and sailed anywhere. It seems safe, enjoyable and friendly and ideal for getting kids into dinghy sailing.

Like the popular inflatable stand-up paddleboards it has been inspired by, the Tiwal uses high strength PVC material inflated via a high-pressure pump – the best paddle boards use high-pressure, at least, but some cheaper models do not inflate as well, as with inflatable dinghies. An alloy structure gives it a backbone and allows the helm or crew to sit out. This stows into one bag along with the sail and a freestanding carbon mast that splits into four. The hull fits into a second bag, so the entire can fit in the back of the car, caravan or large locker. It is easy to assemble in 20 minutes and apparently sporty enough to surf and plane.

The 3.2 is designed for one or two adults or an adult and two children. Two different mainsail sizes are available according to performance preference. She is reportedly easy to right post capsize by standing on the lower outrigger and pulling on the daggerboard.

All in all the Tiwal is a brilliant idea to ship aboard larger cruising yachts, or for anyone landlocked to trailer sail – without the need for a trailer. They are priced from €4,590 ex VAT including a small North Sails sail, carbon mast and Harken blocks.

Check out the video here