Will a foiling kit for the Laser mean we can all fly high?

Like many of us I’ve watched in awe as International Moths scream around the place with no wake and big grins as they ride up on their foils.

Put frankly, I’m desperate to have a go, yet despite many kind words of encouragement from those that have learned to master this superb new generation of dinghy racers, I know deep down inside that a hideous diet, a large talent injection and the possible use of an industrial bacon slicer will be the only things that get me anywhere down to weight and up to speed with foiling a Moth.

I may look the right height for one, but I’m the displacement version of a 5ft 10in man.

But now, hope?

The weight thing might still be an issue, but everyone can sail a Laser right?

This new after sales, bolt on foiling kit looks like it really could provide foiling for all.

I want one, before the water cools down.

Foiling Laser kit