What the next generation of AC boat looks like in action

As the AC45s engage in their week long cat fight in the Bay, minds are starting to turn to the 72s. The America’s Cup is just one year away and it’s time to get to grips with the next generation of machines.

A few days ago Artemis’s bright red cat was unloaded off a ship and taken to their base to be prepared for the union with its wing.

At present only a few discrete pictures have been released which give little idea as to what this Juan K designed cat is really like. More will no doubt be revealed once this ACWS event is over and the team can concentrate on their bright red machine.

The Kiwis on the other hand have been posting plenty of pictures of their boat which has now clocked up there days of testing.

Still to be launched is the Luna Rossa boat and Oracle’s 72s.

Under the rules teams a re restricted to a maximum of 30 days testing until the end of January 2013. As a result teams will be picking their days pretty carefully and spending as much time as they can on the water for each session.