See for yourself what’s behind it and find out what’s in store for the Games

I know my motorbike has a big fairing but I’ve never seen it create a bow wave on a motorway. In 30 years of riding motorbikes I have never experienced conditions like today when the mother of all summer storms swept across parts of the South coast of the UK, just as I was heading to a meeting. A good 50mm of running water flushed along three lanes of the M27 motorway and looked like the entrance to the Morbihan on an ebb spring tide.

I could just about cope with this, despite not being able to see beyond the outer surface of my visor, but when the hail came down in mint sized balls I felt like I was being shot blasted under a waterfall.

Welcome to the UK’s well publicised Olympic summer.

Given Weymouth’s reputation for providing a wide range of conditions in a ‘proper’ sailing venue only Sod’s Law could now deliver a massive high pressure that sits over the UK and provides scorching sunshine…..and no wind.

Fortunately a look at the long term forecast for the jet stream, that is currently enjoying unprecedented publicity in the UK, suggests that our unbelievable summer looks set to continue for some time yet.

Phew, and sorry.

If you’re heading to the sailing at Weymouth the weather will be very much on your mind given that there is no seating or covered areas and you will only be able to take a picnic blanket to sit on. (Those of you that have read the small print on the ticket and the email that has recently been sent out will already know that there is no seating supplied at the venue.)

The UK Met Office released its 30 day forecast earlier this week so what do they say for the Games?
UK Outlook for Thursday 26 Jul 2012 to Thursday 9 Aug 2012:
‘It is most likely that we will continue to see unsettled weather through this period, but there is also a chance of some fine days as well. Overall, conditions are unlikely to be as bad as we’ve seen so far this summer. Climatologically this is the warmest part of the year, but this year a lengthy spell of hot, sunny weather looks unlikely. This outlook gives a broad description of the type of weather that is likely to affect the UK as a whole, including significant changes in the type of weather and an indication of how it may differ from what you may normally expect. As the Olympics draw closer the Met Office will have local forecasts so that everyone can make the most of the Games experience.’

But if you want to see for yourself how the jet stream is affecting our weather this summer go to the Weather Online web site where you can become an instant expert thanks to their excellent forecasting charts.

In the meantime, I’m taking my car.