The scramble for later flights seems assured to bring a timely finish to the Cup – could it be over today?

Having spent the night re-organising my flights and hotel to extend my stay in San Francisco as the Cup draws out, I can now predict with some confidence that the Kiwis will win 2:0 today. It’s Sod’s Law that they will now I’ve paid an eye watering amount to stay on to the bitter end.

Changing bookings is particularly tricky at the moment as the city fires up for another event that will involve Oracle and that will see 40,000 hotel rooms booked as thousands flock to the Oracle Open World conference that starts on Monday. Interestingly, the conference starts on the last available day that was on the original schedule for the 34th America’s Cup. The evening before the conference kicks off, Larry Ellison makes his keynote speech. Should he win the Cup on that day I can’t help wondering how he would deal with the potential double booking. Perhaps he would combine the two?!

On the other hand, losing the Cup wouldn’t be a great start to this conference.

In the media centre and even parts of the organization are seeing people head off sheepishly to the airport to return to other engagements. Few, if anyone, thought this Cup would go on this long yet the fact that it has is an indication of how this time the race for the Auld Mug has been a game changer in so many ways.

Apparently the same thing happened in 1983 when the score went to 4:3, way further than anyone expected as the Australians prised the Cup out of the American’s grip. By the time victory had been secured, many had left. Could the same happen here?

Whatever is in store, today is, once again, another day that could see the America’s Cup decided and with it the first steps in a new chapter for the event.

The weather looks set to keep us guessing too with a variation in the forecasts for the day. The most popular one says that the breeze will be 14-17 knots with stronger gusts and that 2 races should be possible. Another says the breeze might go light and funky.

The trouble is that as the game stretches out, the element of wishful thinking is starting to become a bigger factor, clouding our judgment. Or perhaps that’s just the excitement of the America’s Cup.

In the meantime it sounds like both teams have re-configured their machines for today’s racing with regatta director Iain Murray saying that he expects to see a new certificate for each boat today.

“Oracle has had a new certificate every day so far, the Kiwis have had several,” he said. “But then, for example, you only need to move the top of the rudder stock by more than 10mm to require a new certificate.”

Doesn’t stop the speculation though. With lighter breezes how will the pair match up? Last time we saw them the Kiwis were way quicker but Oracle is a different machine now.

Yet another fascinating day in store.

More news later.

Racing starts at 1315 local 2115 BST