Drop in on one of the most important court cases in Cup history

The big day is nearly upon us, the day when the future of the next America’s Cup gets decided, when seven judges spend half an hour listening to the cases from either side.

Tuesday 10 February is when counsel for the yacht cubs representing Alinghi and BMW Oracle take to the stage in the New York Appeal Courts. The outcome will decide the future of the 33rd America’s Cup.

In the build up to this crucial hearing, the result of which that could mark the path to either a bun fest in Valencia next year with a full on multi-challenger America’s Cup, or at the other extreme, a head to head between to giant multihulls, there has been much speculation as to when this decision may come.

The pessimists say late Spring, but having chatted to someone who’s well informed in such matters, the decision could be as early as late March.

What’s more, for those who’d like to see the hearing, the presentations from either side and the manner in which the judges deal with them, you can as the entire 30 minute hearing will be broadcast live on the net.

NY Courts Appeal Webcast

My anonymous, but well informed contact has also told me that among the words and the body language, you should watch out for any hint of judges directing more questions to one side rather than the other. Apparently, and only as a rule of thumb, this indicates the side of the argument that is favoured least by the judges.

So, if you’re a betting person and can spare 30 mins, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 2 p.m local NY time is the date for your diary.

For the rest of us in Europe, 1900 GMT on Tuesday.