A great must see match this morning between the two former team mates

For Brit and Kiwi fans, the match racing this morning between Ben Dean Barker was a great demonstration of how fiercely competitive both skippers are as well as how, as former team mates, they know each other’s moves inside out. For some great match racing and a perfect demonstration of how the port tack boat can have the advantage, watch out for the race between Team Origin and Emirates Team New Zealand in one of the last races in Round Robin 1.

And if you want to see another demonstration of smart thinking, good match racing and how the port tack boat can nail its starboard hand opponent, take a look of the match between Team Origin and Azzura where half way up the first beat Ainslie and Co. take the lead. Yet half way down the run, a large lead turns into a large loss.

The lesson to learn from this match? In shifty unstable conditions, cover your opponent. Easy to say, tricky to do in practice, hard to swallow afterwards.

Ainslie and Barker go head to head – Day 7, Flight 14, Match 2
A classic dial down at the weather mark.