Two teenagers aiming to sail alone round the world - but different records


Two follow-ups on the story of young Michael Perham (below), who hopes to become the youngest person to sail solo non-stop round the world. First, on the subject of rescues.

I’d reported that Mike’s father Peter was anxious for him not to set off at the same time in November as the Vendée Globe in case there was either a distraction or the need to rescue any beleaguered pro sailors.

Peter writes: ‘This would almost certainly frustrate the record, but I would of course expect Mike to help if anyone was in trouble just as I would hope someone else would come to Mike’s aid if absolutely necessary.’

He adds: ‘Preparations are going well and I have to say how marvellous the industry has been at supporting Mike, Almost every supplier we asked for help, stepped forward and offered. Amazing.’

Malcolm van Rooyen emailed to say query whether Mike would manage to be the youngest as a circumnavigation is currently being undertaken by American teenager Zac Sunderland.

We reported on Zac in our October issue. He grew up aboard his family’s yacht as they were cruising the world and is evidently very accomplished and experienced. He has already reached – and recently left – Darwin in Australia and he really does sound like a terrific lad. Read more at 

However, to clarify, Zac isn’t sailing non-stop round the world and it’s this record at which Mike Perham is aiming.