The moral and practical argument in favour of scuttling a yacht

So far, the consensus among readers of this blog is: you abandon; you scuttle.

This from Stephen Hopking about the Westerly Corsair that was abandoned and the crew rescued last week by an ARC yacht:

‘I’m absolutely in full agreement with what you say. I find it hard to believe that the boat wasn’t ordered to be scuttled by ARC organisers with the fleet still coming that way.

[I didn’t say the latter bit, by the way, and I’m sure the ARC organisers have no such authority, nor does anyone else except the skipper of the yacht.]

‘Jury rig, well there again, in these modern days of modern technology, it’s so easy to raise assistance and step off? Think about what would have been done 20 years ago. Sailors would have struggled but probably succeeded in some way to reach a point of land.’