Crew escape as their yacht is hit amidships by a freighter - take a look at this pic!


I was shocked when I saw this boat at anchor in Las Palmas last week.

According to a neighbour, the French-flagged steel yacht Gringo had been on passage between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria and was about 20 miles offshore when it was hit by a freighter. (Las Palmas is the main trans-shipping port for the Canary Islands.)

You can see the distinct bow bulb shape where the yacht was T-boned. It’s not immediately obvious but the boat was ketch rigged. She was dismasted immediately after impact and all that is left is the stump of the main mast to the first spreaders. The collision has clearly lifted the deck, and you can imagine the collateral damage to frames, stringers and main bulkhead, can’t you?

Lucky it was a steel yacht. Shiver.

One crew reportedly noted the ship at distance but had gone below to rouse the next watch. I know, it sounds quite incredible. What’s even more hair-raising is that not only did the ship’s crew not spot the yacht, but after the collision they didn’t stop.

What with being dismasted the crew apparently didn’t have time to take the name of the ship, but I’m wondering about a few things:

A: How did the ship’s crew not see a steel yacht on their radar?
B: Could they really have this kind of impact and not notice at all?

I know there are lots of experts out there, so thanks, all comments welcome?