How to get a long weekend on the water - every week

If you happen to be emailing me any time soon, you’ll see that I am trying out a new time-saving system recommended by Web Worker. I’m going to reschedule my email client to pick up only twice a day and try to discipline myself to respond, SMS style, in five sentences or less.

This should make sure it’s not taking me longer to reply than it took the sender to write. I’ll archive any that don’t absolutely require a response and go on an internet browsing diet by setting up RSS feeds for all my favourite sites and doing a once-a-day sweep.

I’m told that if I do all that, I should soon be able to “free up the entire day for actual work.”

Now we get to the crunch. By instituting these small changes, I reckon I could boost productivity sufficiently to commute the email processing and browsing I would have done into an extra day’s sailing per week. A long weekend, in other words.

I am pretty sure it will work, but am looking for other volunteers to try out this methodology.

Get in touch if you’re up for it using the ‘comment on my blog’ link below. Just bear in mind that the current email response time is three days…or four if sent on a Friday.