More fishy tales, but can you possibly beat this 60kg yellowfin tuna?

Ever since I reported in our September issue on US yachtsman Ethan Smith’s catch of a 34kg pargo off the coast of Mexico, I’ve been getting tales of big catches.

Some of them are super impressive. How about this whopper?

Richard Le Quesne sent the photo above of a yellowfin tuna his crew caught – “properly, with a line and lure,” he adds – just off Asanvari Bay, Maewo Island, Vanuatu from the yacht [a Perini] Squall on 14 August 2008.

“We had no means of weighing it but we estimated it to be between 50 and 60kg. If you look at the two guys lifting the fish with the gaff you can see they are struggling!

“We ate a lot of it, raw and cooked, took about half of it ashore, gave big chunks to the other yachts in the anchorage and froze the remainder.”

Can anyone beat that?

Tuna 2