Fabulous Franglais from the Mini Transat


More fabulous Franglais from the Deckchair 6.50 (some call it the Transat 6.50, or Mini Transat).

The press releases are going out in two languages: French and Google Translate. The latter has a narrative style all of its own: twaddle spiced with confident poetic flourishes.

‘…’The cold font wind that had provoke the post-pone of the race’s initial start has stabilised to 15 knots that is with a luminous sun that and on a sea barely agitated as usual in Charente-Maritime. The 89 skippers could then cape to South West after having gone round the degagement buoy first.

‘Only noteworthy incident was to be bewailed at the start, the Slovenian Andraz Mihelin (Adria Mobil Too) was hit by a spectator boat. No other incident is to be bewailed until now. ‘

To be bewailed. J’aime beaucoup. Is that Shakespeare?


The Oxford English dictionary says ‘Bewail v. tr. 1. greatly regret or lament. 2 wail over; mourn for.’ The noun is bewailer. Was the Slovenian sailor the main bewailer?Alex Cook

Very good. Though I must say I’ve never before seen this used passively as an intransitive verb ;-)Elaine