Video of Hugo Boss tanking along is a notable exception among lots of grainy talking heads


It seems I’m not the only one who’s been disappointed by the reports from the Transat Ecover BtoB and the Barcelona World Race; many others are feeling the same way.

My comments were more about the individual teams’ reports but one reader added that the audio interviews and videos on the race websites aren’t much better, and posed this question: ‘I looked at both Barcelona and Transat and expected a little Volvo Ocean race experience again. The technology is there, and the boats are pushed hard so why isn’t there more footage of the boats screaming along?’

Why? Because video has been hugely oversold. Just because something is technically possible doesn’t mean it’s practically possible. It’s optimistic to think two-handed or single-handed sailors are going have much time to edit and send back lots of video so that leaves us with a few clips of wakes and those lame video conferences. This is not what people are coming to see so of course they go away disappointed.

One answer is to be creative: add some existing footage and do a bit of post production on shore. Check out this nice clip from Alex Thomson’s team. This is the sort of footage you’ve been looking for, right?