Dee Caffari's new boat is the ideal Christmas present for all your friends and relatives!


Oh look, more champagne and cake!

This one was to celebrate the launch ofDee Caffari’s bookAgainst the Flow, which tells the story of how she raced westabout round the world in the Global Challenge and the very same year set sail again in the same boat, this time single-handed, to become the first woman to sail solo non-stop round the world against the prevailing winds and currents.

Dee is a former PE teacher and only took up sailing 7 years ago. In that time she’s packed in an amazing amount, and the book tells her incredible history, including a race against time in the Southern Ocean to save a critically ill crewmember.

As you can see by the demon photo below, this woman takes no prisoners!

The book is a brilliant read. OK, I would say that as I wrote it with her 😉 but seriously it’s a true life ripping yarn and if it doesn’t inspire you to sieze the day, your money back. (Apply to D. Caffari, Southern Ocean.)

It’s the ideal Christmas pressie, so buy lots of copies for all your friends and relatives.