How Yachting Monthly's finest set up a boat show sting


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So what was my esteemed colleague Dick Durham doing cruising round the Southampton boat show in a grubby Tilley hat, old gaffer’s cotton top, holey socks and sandals? The truth can now be revealed.

Dick was on an undercover ‘sting’, going round some of the most expensive yachts first in bearded tramp mode and the next day clean-shaven and dressed in a blazer and club tie, just to see if he got different treatment.

To the credit of Oyster and Spirit Yachts (his two targets) he was treated equally courteously on both occasions. Read all about it in the latestYachting Monthly.

I’m not sure why Dick thought the blazer and club tie made him look mega-wealthy, though. Isn’t it designer jeans and a Blackberry?