The Pindar girls scream to avoid a crashing visit in the TJV


You can trick a yacht out all you like with AIS, active echo transponders, radar, and even some crew with Mk 1 eyeball but it doesn’t guarantee there won’t be a bump in the night.

The new Pindar girl Jo Royle, a 27-year-old from Preston who is racing a Class 40 in the TJV with Frenchwoman Alexia Barrier reports a collision on the first night out that left them shaken. Jo says: ‘A boat that was hot on our tail for several hours finally started to overtake us, and literally paid us a visit. Incredible!

‘They [Pascal Doin and Eric Defert on Thirarad] have been to leeward of us for hours – so we have been very visible to them. When he tried to overtake us to windward he came crashing into the side of us. Good job we were on deck to scream so that he managed to avoid full impact. We have only a slight damage to the gelcoat on starboard side and some scratches on are Pindar blue hull – but all is good. Sure woke us both up and got the heart ticking though.’

That isn’t the end of their troubles. They have not been able to receive emails and so have been short of weather info, but they’re still lying 13th out of 30 and are hopeful they can solve the glitches.