Readers tell us that this superstar beauty is the Marilyn Monroe of yachts

What is it about the superyacht Pink Gin?

There are many pretenders for the title of most eye-catching vessel, but this 152ft sloop seems to be the Marilyn Monroe of yachts. Like a famous movie star, knots of admirers form wherever she goes.

And, like a movie superstar, this 152ft lightweight cruising sloop goes to all the glamorous places worldwide.

Since he first sailed on her in 2009, our editor David Glenn has written two detailed stories about Pink Gin online here and here. He’s reported on other big hitters, too, blockbusters like Maltese Falcon and classic era headline acts such as Velsheda.

But none has ever woowed them like ‘the Ginster’.

Indeed, you could say that Pink Gin has gone viral. She’s a superyacht internet phenomenon. The stories about her are among some of the most read on our site, and definitely the most commented upon, with scores of readers posting about where she is and when.

They’ve tracked her down in Stockholm, Gibraltar, the Canaries, Uruguay, Argentina, Cape Town, Namibia, the Azores, Cuba and, most recently, in St Barts.

Everywhere she goes she turns heads and readers are moved to pinpoint her whereabouts and comment.

‘Eye-catching as no other ship,’ writes one.

‘Simply a divine specimen,’ observes another.

‘A queen among commoners.’

These are fabulous reviews. Owners of other superyachts, with your ballrooms and mini submarines and helicopters, eat your heart out: Pink Gin is the one that swooshes into port and sets all the hearts racing.

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