Former BOC skipper Don McIntyre is helping teenager sailor Mike Perham and says he has what it takes


Don McIntyre has sent this warming email in response to my post about how teenage solo sailor Mike Perham has been confounding the sceptics and those who worried that he was biting off more than he could chew.

‘You are so right?I have just spent a couple of days working with Mike on his boat here in Hobart. We dropped a rudder to fix a loose bearing sleeve, electrical and other things.

‘Having raced the BOC Challenge in 1990 and done numerous sailing trips to Antarctica, I know what Mike is going through. He has impressed me, his attitude, mindset and maturity is just right for what he is doing and having got this far he has learnt a lot.

‘In my opinion he has what it takes and given a bit of luck I am sure he will succeed. Nothing wrong with a healthy debate about what is needed to tackle the Southern Ocean solo – but believe me?he has it now!’

It’s exciting to hear an endorsement by someone with Don’s experience, and great to know that Don and his wife, Margie, and others in Hobart are helping Mike. When Mike has fixed the worn rudder bearing he will be setting off either to round Cape Horn or go through the Panama Canal, as the weather dictates.