Scottish trophy gets a revamp after a wee bit of a battering by sailors - maybe with drink taken?


This is the magnificent trophy for the Bell Lawrie Scottish Series, which was presented yesterday to Irish skipper Anthony O’Leary (in the background) and the crew of Antix for their victory last summer. The £20,000 silver trophy dates from 1830 so it has a history some 80 years longer than that of the Clyde Cruising Club, but a generation in the hands of sailors ‘with drink taken’ has taken its toll and it has recently been refurbished.

Originally, it was given by Edinburgh brewers McEwans to the best dray of the year, and it was topped by a silver finial in the shape of a horse. It came into the hands of the CCC 25 years ago when McEwans sponsored the Scottish series, but it has not fared well. According to Commodore Jim McIlraith someone sawed off the horse with a hacksaw, immediately diminishing its value as an antique by up to £80,000, and later it was dropped and the handles and part of the urn was battered.

Now it’s back in almost mint condition, the trophy will make brief public appearances, but a presentation trophy is given for the winner to keep and the previous silver trophy stays in a case at the CCC offices in Glasgow.