In the publicity world women can't really sail. Well, not without a man's help...

It used to be motorboating that specialised in publicity shots of an owner at helm surrounded by two – always two – leggy lovelies blithely sunning themselves.

Sailing photos were usually much more serious.

This was mainly because manufacturers didn’t produce professional quality press shots so the ones you’d see were of gnarly, bearded journalists fully-swagged in foulies battling through a gunmetal Solent surrounded by comparatively pale, stump-legged salesmen.

Sailing publicity photos have vaulted over their motorboating equivalents of late, though. The photos above are of the new Bénéteau Oceanis 58, which we’ve tested in our January issue (out next week).

Never mind the examples of Dame Ellen MacArthur, Sam Davies Dee Caffari and, before them, Florence Arthaud, Isabelle Autissier, Emma Richards, Tracy Edwards et al: this is Bénéteau’s idea of the modern yachtswoman: ‘left a bit, right a bit…not that way silly!’

Caption, anyone?