Salona Yachts prove a little tricky for a woman to helm - all on her own

I got some amusing responses a while back when I blogged (HERE) that publicity shots tend to depict women as incompetent sailors.

I mean, how hard is it to steer a boat? Puh-lease.

In the real world, yacht tests are generally carried out by bearded yachting journalists and gnarly salesfolk. Quite understandably, yacht manufacturers prefer to supply us with nicely lit, sunny shots yacht featuring a handsome couple.

But it’s invariably a bloke-and-flopsy combo, with the flopsy there for decorative purposes. Should a chap be so rash as to let her take the wheel be sure to use the hands-on technique illustrated in the above shot from Salona Yachts.

Or… is this yet another picture of a famous French yachtswoman gently instructing a neophyte in the subtle arts of upwind helmsmanship?