What would be your top moments of contentment on board?

“What are your top feelgood sailing moments?”, I was asked yesterday.

I had to think about this. I’ve certainly enjoyed sailing on fast boats, surfing down waves and I do like a good beat in flattish water (especially on the making tack).

But that’s excitement and sometimes satisfaction, not contentment. So I guess my list of feelgood moments would read something like this:

  • Lying quietly at anchor in a lovely bay (like one of my most favourites, Loch Moidart, above)
  • The sight of the stars untainted by light pollution
  • Watching land fly by as you hitch a ride on a strong tide
  • Finally turning the engine off
  • Coming off watch and getting into my bunk
  • Rounding a headland after a rough passage and sailing flat water
  • Freshly washed hair (ultra euphoric feeling)
  • Sipping a drink and scoffing unhealthy nibbles in the cockpit as the sun goes down.

Actually, most of my list isn’t about the actual sailing at all. Maybe that says something…?

What would be on your top sailing feelgood moments list – any suggestions?