Cor blimey, what is the Queen asking us to do in Genoa??


This invitation to a launch at the Genoa Boat Show next week made us laugh.

It’s ostensibly from Her Maj. The saucy minx wants you to get on down to the Sly 61 stand.

‘It’s time,’ says the invitation, ‘to touch her, caress her, discover her in the most refined, intimate details.’

Ahem. Is that wise? The Tower of London gets a bit nippy in October.

It goes on: ‘The yacht is so fast and easy to drive you can lift your hand from the steering wheel to greet those you are surpassing’.

Yeah, we can imagine.

We think this special invitation is an Italian PR’s clever idea of what will entice the English-speaking press. How naïve. Most of m’learned colleagues would be far more enthusiastic about going to a ‘Berlusconi party’.