Is it goodbye to La Rochelle for the next edition?


It gets harder to remember where any of the major transoceanic races start from, finish or go in between; they are no more than bid chips these days.

So it’s no surprise that the Mini Transat race (or, as some might call it, the Deckchair 6.50 ), which left La Rochelle today, did so possibly for the last time.

Change is in the air for 2009. Representatives from several host ports have been presenting alternatives to the Classe Mini, including a shorter, faster route than the present course to Salvador da Bahia in Brazil, which is rather more exotic-sounding than than the reality.

Lorient, Brest and Douarnenez are all in the frame. It’s just gossip, but several competitors I spoke to thought Douarnenez might have the edge, and that the race route in 2009 would return to the Caribbean.

No complaints at all at that.

You can follow the race, and the fortunes of Brits Andrew Wood and David Rawlinson at