A race round Australia in need of a world map


Another press release, this for a new event called the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally.

It sounds like a great idea, but the writers should have checked out some basic stuff before launching into the USPs.

‘Sailing around Australia is one of those things every sailor wants to do during their life,’ it opens. No it’s not. That’s the reason why, as they say, its been done only by ‘a small band of yachtsmen’.

‘Australia is the largest island continent to sail around,’ it continues. No, it’s not – that’s Antarctica, which is twice the size.

Incidentally, the Antartica Cup circumnavigation race was planned by Bob Williams, organiser of this event, and was to have taken place in 2002. It never did happen. Let’s hope this one does.

Read more about the event at www.greataustraliarace.com