The sun is shining in Shetland and Lerwick is looking beautiful - as these photos show

It’s been a gorgeous warm afternoon up here at 60°N.

I’m in Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, which this weekend will be heaving with boats. Over 50 of them will be stopping as part of the Shetland Round Britain & Ireland Race and there will another 37 crews arriving in the Bergen-Shetland Race.

For now, though, it’s still relatively quiet down in the harbour, just a few visiting yachts, mainly from Scandinavia. The lovely Norwegian ketch picture above is one.

These photos give a tiny taste of Lerwick. It’s a boaty place.



Looking north across the harbour


Lerwick High St

The town centre ‘en fete’ for the boating events and the concurrent Shetland Hamefarin festival



The replica Viking longship Dim Riv off Lerwick


Boat 2

 Spot the boat. They find many uses here…


Boat garage 2

 Including this garage roof!


Lerwick Boating Club

 The famous Lerwick Boating Club, scene of many an RB&I party (and more than a few sore heads) over the decades


RNLI shop Lerwick

The historic RNLI shop right next to the small boat harbour


Lerwick letterbox

No rectangular packages for this harbourside house


 Lingerie shop Lerwick

And finally, don’t be deceived by the sun. This practical shop on the high street hints that it can get a wee bit cool here…