Some people! I don't know...


I apologise for not posting up all the comments and emails I’ve had this week, but as we aren’t yet using proper software for feedback there isn’t really space to add them all when it goes nuts.

Some more boat names, though: One from John Roberson, who offered: ‘I seem to remember Dick Jobbins had Fireball number 98 99, and called itChange Hands.’

Scott C put forward the truly awfulSeaunntee; John Sturmer said he knows aC_Nut of Scunthorpe. Well, there you go, there really is no accounting for taste.

RZ from Florida, who helpfully commented: ‘Well Done! Very few of us Yanks have the same opinion as the ‘bonehead’ that was offended earlier this week. These guys need to get a sense of humor and get on with it’ said he’d seen ‘Major Woody, TrikAssHoandNice Pair(obviously, a catamaran).’

I’ve a feeling we haven’t dredged this channel yet.