What kind of 35-footer would a million buy? This kind of flying ship


Here’s a cracking photo of Syz & Co, the revolutionary foiler catamaran designed by our friends at VPLP .

The boat was launched in October last year and underwent testing before being taken out of the water, lengthened from 32ft to 35ft and put on a bit of a diet. She will go back in later in the month with the aim of capturing speed records on Lake Geneva.

This fascinating boat tells us a lot about the future of sailing, which the foiler L’Hydroptère and the America’s Cup multihulls are colourfully bringing into focus.

Syz & Co has reverse wave-piercing bows, a single T-foil rudder and foils on outriggers that can be canted and variably immersed so they can act as daggerboards in displacement mode or as foils when in flight.

The project, initiated by a trio of Swiss businessmen and sponsored by a Geneva-based banking group, hasn’t come cheap. Before any of these latest modifications this pocket rocket had absorbed a boggling 20,000 hours of build time.

The other photos here show the fine bow section, which has actually been made a bit rounder to increase buoyancy, longitudinal stability and speed in displacement mode; and below the foil outriggers and hydraulic controls.