Why the Mini Transat sounds a bit funny in English


Elsewhere in my blog, I’ve lamented the woeful English press releases for the Mini Transat. It’s a pity – actually it’s a shocker – because the race rules don’t allow communications from the boats, so international skippers and their sponsors rely to a greater extent on official releases than in almost any other event.

Well, here’s the reason. Véronique Largeau, the communication assistant manager, has written to me to explain that the race organisers have no budget for translation, and that it’s especially difficult for her because she’s not a sailor. Lordy.

Anyway, Véronique defies me to change a word of her comment, and I certainly wouldn’t want to. Here we go:

‘There is no budget dedicated to professional translation for the race Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime/Bahia and I agree that it is a pity but that’s the way it is. And I, personally, cannot change it.

‘Not being a sailor myself, it is even harder. As I already told the skippers previously to the start, I do all I can to learn as fast as possible and, at the same time, I have to carry through my job.

‘Do not doubt that I do care about the competitors and their promotion through media (all the skippers), I do care about the Transat 6,50’s promotion because I love that amazing race and I do all I can to valorise the foreign journalists.

‘Also, don’t doubt that I really appreciate your work as a journalist and I wish we could meet once and discuss about all that a more pleasant way.

‘Finally, I will surely have the opportunity to read this reply on your blog, so please do not change a word of it. Thank you.’

Consider yourself fully valorised.