Sailing boat logos: do they remind you of a pair of boobs, Puss from Shrek 2 and a jockstrap?


Back on the topic of lame logos, I recently received an email that pointed out that the marque of Wharram catamarans (right) is suggestive of ‘a pair of boobs’.

That would be quite appropriate, because James Wharram famously sailed far and wide with a bevy of lovelies and often took photographs with two young German crewmembers, all of them gloriously in the nip.

But to me, I’m afraid it just looks like an owl or someone with a sinister Frida Kahlo-style unibrow.

However, it got me thinking about other strange and arguably amateurish logos. Here’s a random selection that look like: a Ghostbuster; Puss in Boots from Shrek 2; a soup ladle; a jockstrap.

Any idea what classes of boats these represent? Or have you other candidates for inclusion? Do let me know – you can email me from the link below.