Watch out for stealth photographers finning around at the leeward mark


About five years ago the half-underwater, half out-of-the-water fisheye lens photo at mark roundings became a popular creative magazine cover shot. I’m pretty sure it was the daring and energetic Richard Langdon who started the trend for donning wetsuit and fins to get a different angle on racing events.

This wonderful shot from the Maxi Worlds by Carlo Borlenghi looks deceptively serene and dreamy but these big boats will have been bearing down at 10-12 knots before that rounding, only feet away from him. Getting this kind of shot is real action-man stuff.

One thing that particularly amused me about this image is the other photographer at the same mark, doing the same thing. Are there going to be flotillas of stealth snappers at leeward marks in future, all bobbing around trying to get in position?

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Come off it Elaine, your showing your youth! Alistair Black was climbing into a wet suit and jumping into the water with his waterproof camera 30 years ago, and I doubt that he was the first!Robo