A completely gratuitous post about women's breasts


Of all the stories I’ve blogged this year, one stood out in popularity – pun intended.

So as I go off and ‘stand down from full operational mode’ (I couldn’t wait to use that Team Origin phrase) here’s something festive for all those faithful readers who have persisted in wading through countless sailing stories in the hope that sooner or later we’d return to the topic of women’s breasts.

The post I’m referring to (WARNING: do not click if easily offended) caused a considerable bulge in web traffic and a right old kerfuffle about what did and did not represent pornography.

Finally, I have an answer of a kind.

A few weeks ago some artistic shots were sent in as potential cover images. The editor, picture editor, art editor, self, freelance sub and assorted others were weighing up the merits of these when the Ed revealed that there is, in fact, a consumer magazine policy, or perhaps it’s a retail policy.

And that is: breasts are OK, but nipples are out.

So what you do is paste over a coverline, or a couple of starburst flashes with ‘Price £3’ or ‘Buy One, Get One Free’. Or, as one of our very own grot-mags has done here, conceal them with a bit of girl-on-girl comradery.

Thus the door is wide open to using women’s breasts on a yachting magazine cover, provided we can work out what to put in the flashes. ‘Top collision avoidance techniques’? ‘Two for one Boat Show offer’? Ideas welcome.

A Happy Christmas, hope to see you in the New Year.