The America's Cup is turning into a long war. Isn't it time for the troops to withdraw?


It’s true what they say about the America’s Cup having become a great spectator sport – and never more so than now. I quite enjoyed the sailing, but it’s not half as entertaining as the present bitchfest between a posse of rich and powerful egotists. The machinations ashore put all the sailing tactics in the shade.

But even that will get boring soon. Please, it’s time for a rest from the America’s Cup.

Its interminable Acts are to start up again next year, leaving little time to build up a decent appetite. If the wrangling continues the audience (as opposed to the professional Cup watchers arguing about the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin) are going to end up with a bad case of battle fatigue.

Give it a rest, lads. There must be something else happening out there in yachting. Right?